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Ryan's Pony Shoes by MommySpike
Ryan's Pony Shoes
What to get for my birthday brony boy? Hmmm.... since Ryan is into Princess Luna these days, I thought a pair of custom painted pony shoes featuring both sides of her character. Fun, fun and full of glitter.

Painting by CSHayden © 2015

Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon property of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic & Hasbro Inc.
Phoenix Fan by MommySpike
Phoenix Fan
A co-worker asked me to paint a fan for her nephew who asked for 'a folding fan with a bird on it.' I was a bit stumped until after further questioning, I learned that he was also a Harry Potter fan so I put Fawkes the phoenix on it.

Acrylic craft paint on canvas folding fan
Avery in 2015 by MommySpike
Avery in 2015
Since you asked so very nicely after I posted the Spike pic earlier this month, I've been tinkering with this Avery pic. This is in her pre-teen years out on the ranch and since it's bluebonnet season here in Texas, what better background?

Ariana in Space by MommySpike
Ariana in Space
This is for the April Drawing: Outer Space Sci-Fi Challenge!

Once upon a time, when I was involved with The Gargoyles Saga, we had a Time Dancer story where the Phoenix Gate took Brooklyn to a space station. In one of unwritten future stories for Ariana, Brooklyn's daughter, the Earth had banded together to defend against the Space Spawn and some gargoyles volunteered to go into space. Ariana was one of the few that qualified and became the wingleader of the gargoyles squad. I don't think I'll ever get around to writing that particular story but I did enjoy doing this illo in Photoshop -- I think all the painting has done me some good!
April Drawing: Set the Scene by MommySpike
April Drawing: Set the Scene

The rest of Benedict and Beatrice's biting banter followed as easily as it had the previous evening at the beach. As long as he kept his eyes on her face, Kirin could cope with all the rest. When Ariana went off stage with the others, Kirin managed his lines with Graham and Prongs well enough. It wasn't until they got up to the costume party scene and the players were all mingling, that Kirin's temper began to heat up again.

Mawson, the Antarctica gargoyle playing the villain Don John, sidled over to Ariana and said in a low teasing voice, “Your outfit reminds me of the night we went to that place in Manhattan. It was in an old building and there was live music playing. Where was that again?”

“Oh, yeah... the Rockaway.” Ariana giggled and swatted him with her script. “I'm surprised you can remember it at all. Frank still talks about how many drinks you put away.”

“Well worth it, I say.” Mawson chuckled and grinned as he flicked his eyes over her as Ariana began to walk away as Beatrix cued the party goers to change positions.

It was all Kirin could do not to bare his teeth and growl. Mawson was wasting no time in making his interest known, unlike Happa's failed attempt. It didn't help that Ariana seemed to enjoy flouncing around in her sparkling halter and low slung pants. Even the way she carried herself was different; she walked with a hip-rolling sultry strut instead of her usual tomboyish gait. It reminded him too much of another female and another time.

---- An excerpt from the next chapter of "Koiji"…
Yes, I know... I haven't posted in forever. I was just waiting for something interesting to say.


I have been discovered!

As many of you know, I teach an acrylic painting class at Michael's Arts & Crafts. One of my paintings was on display on the framing counter where the assistant manager of the Flying Horse Cafe saw it and asked if how she could contact me. It turns out that she books artists to display their work in the cafe for a month at a time. I get to be the featured artist for August and I'll be having my gallery opening on Saturday, August 9th from 9am to 12 noon.

Flying Horse Cafe
 The Hotel Magnolia
1401 A Commerce St

Dallas, TX 75201  
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